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Lesvos Ride Lesvos Ride

In the beginning of 2015 a new fresh spark of alternative tourism was lit for Lesvos Island and the north-east Aegean. An idea planned, prepared and organised these recent years came true at last to bring something extraordinary in our island.
Lesvos Ride specializes in bicycle tourism and more bike activities. We offer complete bike tourism packages, bike guided tours by experienced guides providing high quality mountain bikes and equipment, personal mountain bike courses from a Certified Cycling Trainer (MIAS L2 Mountain Bike Leader), perfection of mountain bike techniques or safe biking seminars and also organisation of bike events and races.
During 2015 we greeted visitors on Lesvos island who joined our biking tours. We created a lot of MTB routes for all biking levels. We offer easy and family tours including nice view points, traditional cafeterias and taverns. We provide biking tips and biking lessons for your children. We meet different places and villages during our rides. There is always some nice surprises, like friendly villagers offering their goods and small wild animals on our way.
A lot of bikers who look for adventure, will find the best MTB trails on Lesvos island. We have planned nice routes and a lot of alternatives for many biking levels. The bikers who joined us had a great adventure experience through our forests and wild landscapes. We offer high quality mountain bikes and all the necessary equipment.
Last year we organised Lesvos Ride Grand Prix 2015, including four races in different areas on the island. Many racers from Greece and other countries visited the island for these events. We chose villages like Molyvos, famous for its' architecture and its' amazing castle and also Vatera where bikers passed through the forest and enjoyed the amazing beach and sea. The village of Ampeliko and Loutra hidden in the pine forest and the olive grove! In 2016 four more races will be available for those who want to visit these beautiful villages and compete in a unique MTB race. We are also organising one Enduro race every year which will be a great chance for the bikers to test their limits and meet the local life and landscape.
We care about cycling in our city and villages by supporting cycling events and offering biking courses for children. We feel responsible for the protection of the nature by respecting the wildlife and patrol the forests during our biking excursions all over the year. He hope for a better cycling future by supporting cycling educational events for students carried by the local community.
The members of Lesvos Ride have more than 15 years of experience in mountain bike and they promise to guide you with safety to the nature trails of Lesvos Island.
Discover a hidden paradise in our mountains and make bicycle the new ecotourism way of travelling.

Lesvos Ride

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