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Our fishing expeditions poster!

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Our fantastic fishing expeditions poster! Our fantastic fishing expeditions poster! Pandora Travel Lesvos

Together with the introduction of our fishing expeditions, Pandora Travel developed a poster with all the fish, seafood and other animals living in the Gulf of Kalloni. On this poster we describe 48 species with their name in Latin, Greek, English ánd Dutch.

The fishermen of the Gulf of Kalloni catch several kinds of fish and seafood: octopus, cuttle fish, bream, sardines, sole, seabrass, wild shrimps, scorpion fish, red and grey mullet, picarel, pandora, wild mussels, oysters, scallops, sea urchins….

The poster will help you understand the catch during our fishing expedition, and it will be useful when you order your seafood in the local restaurants. Contact us for more information about the fishing expeditions and for ordering the poster! (A3, plasticized)

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